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Carvoeiro, or more commonly Praia do Carvoeiro (although this is no longer its formal name), is a Portuguese civil parish/freguesia in Lagoa Municipality, about 5 km south of the city itself (on the Atlantic Ocean), 14.12 km² in area with 2,784 inhabitant (2001). The population density is 197.2 people/km². It was created as a separate freguesia in 1985 and raised to the status of town on April 19, 2001.This picturesque fishing village, with a long history of settlement, has grown over the last decades into the main tourist area of the concelho. It has a number of fine beaches protected by clifts.

There are traces of Roman habitation and naval activity in the area. There has also been a long history of pirate and enemy military assaults on the coast, and a number of naval battles here, most notably the battle in 1544 between a squadron of ships under D. Petro da Cunha, and the Turkish corsair (barbary pirate), Xarramet.
According to historical sources, the name of the village derives from “Caboiere,” an old name for a hamlet of fishermen from the Islamic-medieval period. For most of its history, fishing was the mainstay of the local economy.
However, from the 1960s onward, tourism gradually became the economic base of the area, with many new hotels, apartment complexes, shops, roads, and a significant improvement in the infrastructure.




Progarve Lda.

Progarve foi fundada em 1964, composta pelo restaurante O’Patio. O’Patio tornou-se um sucesso instantâneo e famoso na região. Depois de falta de manutenção e má gestão, o restaurante infelizmente caiu. Em 1983, um gestor holandês assumiu e revitalizou o restaurante, mantendo o autêntico estilo Português.
A restauração completa de não só O’Patio, mas também os prédios vizinhos, resultou em uma nova faixa de restaurantes no largo, em 1989 Piu Grand Cafe e Martins Grill foram abertos.
JAN Taste of the World abriu portas em 2011.

Progarve was founded in 1964 consisting of restaurant O’Patio. O’Patio became an instant success and famous in the region. After lack of maintenance and bad management, the restaurant unfortunately went down. In 1983 Dutch management took over and revived the restaurant, with respect to the authentic Portuguese style.

A complete restoration of not only restaurant O’Patio but also the neighbouring buildings, resulted in a new strip of restaurants on the square; in 1989 Piu Grand Cafe and Martins Grill were opened. In 2011 JAN Taste of the World opened it’s doors.